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Dundee Digital Skills Hub Youth Beneficiary

Unlocking hidden potential in rural South Africa

Grow Your Business &
Create Digital Pathways to Economic and Social Equity

Paladin offers low-risk, high-impact solutions to expand your service delivery capacity and capabilities. Our ‘plug-and-play’ model seamlessly integrates rural South African talent with your business and operational teams under our leadership. Together, we can create new business value and catalyze social change.​

Managed services offered.


  • Business Analysis ​

  • Sales Cloud implementation

  • Salesforce Administration ​

  • Salesforce Helpdesk Support ​

Contact centre services

  • Lead generation ​

  • Sales

  • Customer service ​

  • Data analytics and business intelligence 

Data Analytics

  • Data sourcing​

  • Data cleaning​

  • Data structuring​

  • Data modelling and transformation​

  • Data analysis​

  • Data visualization​

  • PowerBI 

Project admin

  • Data management​

  • Reporting​

  • Stakeholder engagement and management​

  • Task management

IT Helpdesk Support

  • Technical troubleshooting​

  • Operating systems​

  • Documentation and record keeping​

  • Customer service and communication

Logistics admin & accounting support

  • Load documentation processing​

  • Financial processing for loads​

  • Fuel management​

  • Roadside repairs management​

  • Tyre management ​

  • Accounting and paperwork management​

  • Remittance handling 

Digital services outsourcing.

Rural South Africa boasts broad and diverse talent pools, supported by extensive educational infrastructure and expanding broadband access.     

The Dundee Digital Skills Hub leverages these assets to provide comprehensive work readiness training and real working experiences in the Salesforce ecosystem and related digital services. This approach not only pathways young individuals into first-time employment but also delivers quality services to local and national clients.


We commissioned Paladin Consulting to optimize A call centre serving young people in Buffalo City, Eastern Cape. I had previously worked with the Paladin Consulting team lead, Andy Searle, in setting up and sustaining the National Covid-19 Hotline for the National Department of Health and had been hugely impressed with his efficiency and problem-solving ability. What distinguishes the Paladin Consulting team is their deep understanding of the ultimate beneficiaries of the digital solutions they develop. They focus on making solutions work for the user. They understand socio-political realities that shape uptake and have a highly adaptive approach to development. I highly recommend Paladin Consulting, without hesitation.


We collaborated with Paladin consulting in August 2023 on a Customer Experience survey project which aimed to provide their work readiness candidates with real work experience and support us in gathering valuable user experience and business improvement insights from a sample of work-seekers. During the 3 weeks of part-time dialling the Paladin team completed over 4000 outbound calls and completed over 1700 surveys to our youth network. Collectively the team achieved a 94% QA pass rate versus a target of 80% demonstrating an impressive speed to competency. Our L&D, operations, and quality assurance teams found the program candidates to be curious, engaged, and participatory from the very first session. It was evident throughout the project that there was a high level of energy, eagerness to learn, and enthusiasm.


Their in-depth understanding of the field, their attention to details and their commitment to serving our beneficiaries and us was an inspiration. They then further assisted us in developing and rolling out an online learning initiative for 5445 youth in conjunction with our call centre. We are pleased to recommend Paladin Consulting for any work in the Call Centre, Online learning and digital services field. They have a passion for producing extra-ordinary results, providing excellent support and capacity building and ensuring a successful completion. We recommend Paladin Consulting as one of the best service providers we have ever worked with. Their service, commitment and support is exemplary.

We recommend them without reservation.


Paladin Consulting approached us in 2022 to discuss a concept for establishing a managed service centre for entry level digitally enabled work to be delivered from a Tier 3 location – Dundee KwaZulu Natal – by talent in the Dundee Digital Skills Hub. The partnership formally mobilized in December 2023 and will run until 30 June 2024 with the core objective of testing the viability of this model as an enabler of the company's strategy to reach 100,000 unemployed youth with a focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 locations. 

All 4 interns have been performing well with 1 of the interns already demonstrating high performance against KPIs. Attendance, reliability, connectivity, uptime, and quality of service is meeting requirements so far demonstrating at a small scale the viability of the model for potential growth should we decide to expand our footprint in rural KwaZulu Natal.
We wish Paladin well in all future endeavours and are greatly appreciative of their involvement with our organization. We strongly recommend them, either as a Consulting firm or a strategic business partner to take your business to new heights.


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